CMPD addresses two reports of Epicentre drugging in recent weeks

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Though Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are actively investigating reports of victims believing they were drugged at Epicentre bars, they say they have not been able to confirm any of the cases.

"There's a time constraint and usually we find that people second guess themselves," Sgt. Chris Rains says of victim reporting.

Over time, date-rape drugs have been an existing concern of many within the bar scene.

One woman's recent social media plea with police is turning more attention to the issue.

"I tried to file a police report in downtown Charlotte," she said in a video. "But the officer refused to let me file."

Now, there is a second report and second press conference since her video was posted.

"In the time I've spent in central division Uptown, we've had zero [cases] confirmed," Lt. Bret Balamucki says.

Though police say they are thoroughly investigating the six times someone reported being drugged at Uptown's Epicentre in 2018, they have not been able to prove anything.

"There are certain parts of evidence that we need quickly," Rains says.

Evidence like blood tests and drink tests, things officers say they largely have not been able to do, as victims report days later.

"A lot of the times people don't initially call the police," Balamucki says. "They feel ill, they go to the hospital, get checked out, 'what's going on with me.' From there, they notify us and say there might be something else going on, which then initiates a full investigation."

That is reportedly what happened in the most recent case, when a young lady was taken to the hospital for her symptoms. However, her report was not filed until several days later.

Her mother tells a WBTV reporter she ultimately decided to report, hoping her case would prevent anything happening to women in Uptown, in the future.

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