Teens charged, accused of stealing van from YMCA parking lot

Teens charged, accused of stealing van from YMCA parking lot
Polk (Salisbury Police)
Engram (Salisbury Police)
Engram (Salisbury Police)

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Three teens face charges after police say they stole a van from the parking lot of the J.F. Hurley YMCA on Wednesday.

According to the police report, the teens had been going through lockers inside the YMCA and taking car keys.  They were seen on surveillance video going through the parking lot and then taking a white Honda Odyssey.

The theft was reported an hour or so later once the owner came out of the Y to find the van missing.

Salisbury Police Captain Melonie Thompson was with the van's owner working on the case during the afternoon when she spotted three teens walking in the area of Boyden and Stanley Streets.

The teens matched a description given just minutes earlier by a Rowan County Sheriff's deputy who had spotted the van and said that the teens jumped and ran from the van.

Captain Thompson said that the teens initially told her that they had just been walking around the neighborhood and were going to meet some girls.

One of the teens was seen throwing something into the grass as Thompson approached.  The van's owner identified the object as her Ray Ban sunglasses that had been inside the van.

Thompson noted that the teens had already taken stickers off the back of the van that would have been particular to the owner.  Some items that were in the van are still missing, according to Thompson.

Tyjae Nickili Polk, 16, of Lincolnton Road, was charged with motor vehicle theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, and failure to appear.  Bond was set at $30,300.

Antonio Shahid Engram, 16, of Tabernacle St., was charged with motor vehicle theft.  Bond was set at $25,000.

The third teen charged was a juvenile.

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