Flooding leaves tons of floating debris in Catawba River Lakes, boaters and swimmers warned to be on lookout

Debris piling up after flooding

RHODHISS, NC (WBTV) - Major flooding from two weeks ago is still causing some issues in lakes along the Catawba River.

Water levels have dropped to normal, but the flooding left tons of floating debris behind. Everything from logs, to tires, to household trash.

Wildlife Resources Officials are warning anyone going to the lakes in the coming days to be on the lookout for debris on top and just below the surface of the water. Lake Rhodhiss appears to be the hardest hit for now, said one official. When levels dropped, water was not flowing over the spillway, so the debris that was flowing downstream with it stopped and stayed in Lake Rhodhiss.

The boat access area near the dam was inaccessible at times on Wednesday. Wind kept moving the floating debris in and out.

Willie Erwin launched his boat earlier when the ramp was clear, but when he returned, floating logs and other debris blocked it. He was able to use his boat to push most of it out of the way and was eventually able to get his boat out of the water.

"Someone needs to get all this cleaned up," he said.

Wildlife Resource Officers told WBTV News that cleanup crews are expected out at the boat landing in the next day or two. Even so, some debris will remain in the main channels and along shorelines and will continue to move. Boaters are being urged to use caution.

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