SC mom charged with murder after abduction claim leads to baby's body

Mom of 11-month-old found dead in Chesterfield Co. charged with murder
(Source: SC Law Enforcement Division)
(Source: SC Law Enforcement Division)

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - The mother who initially told deputies her baby was abducted two weeks ago before the 11-month-old's body was found, is now charged with murder.

Nineteen-year-old Breanna Lewis told officials that her 11-month-old, Harlee Lane Lewis, was stolen out of her arms on the side of Jackson Road in Chesterfield County May 29.

Harlee was found two hours after the report "hidden inside a diaper box" in a field about 1,000 yards from her home on Daisy Lewis Lane, officials say.

Lewis was initially charged with filing a false police report and the day after the baby was found. She was later charged with improper disposal of human remains.

Wednesday, records revealed Lewis was charged with murder/homicide by child abuse.

Officials say in Lewis' initial story, she told deputies she was walking to her mailbox carrying her daughter when a man in a gold and tan SUV pulled up and jumped out of the vehicle. She had severe bruising on her face when deputies arrived and said the man then punched her several times in the head, took the baby and drove away.

According to deputies, she later admitted that she made the story up.

While deputies continued interviewing Breanna Lewis, Major Brianna Davis and another deputy began combing the woods surrounding Lewis' house.

"I was already in the mindset of, that baby is here somewhere and it's not going to be good," Davis said.

Davis and the other deputy say they found tire tracks from a vehicle leading into the woods. She says the tire tracks stopped, and then they saw footprints. Tucked in briar, was a new-looking diaper box.

"There was a plastic bag inside a box, that could be a person or a doll," Major Davis said.

When she got closer, she could tell it was not a doll in the diaper box.

"Just a baby sleeping, pretty little girl. Even in that scene it was still a pretty baby," Davis said. "I put a glove on and touched to feel a pulse or a heartbeat, but there wasn't one."

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Maci Hodges, a former girlfriend of Breanna Lewis, says she started dating Lewis in 2014. She says they broke up when Harlee was about 1 month old. When Harlee was first reported missing, Hodges says deputies interviewed her.

"I knew it wasn't true, and I told them it wasn't true," Hodges said about Harlee being kidnapped.

"She's evil... how can you put a baby in a trash bag and then in a diaper box?" Hodges asked. "I want justice to be served. Because that baby did not deserve to die that way. There's so many people that want to have kids that can't. I could have had that baby."

There is no word on how the baby may have died.

Officials told WBTV that the autopsy on the little girl was complete, but the results have not been released.

A candlelight vigil was held for baby Harlee last week.

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SLED and the FBI are assisting with the case.

Breanna Lewis has a court hearing Thursday.

Anyone with information about the case should call the Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office at 843-623-2101 or 911 immediately.

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