Fort Mill Police officer charged with DWI, drug possession in Cherryville

Fort Mill Police officer charged with DWI, drug possession in Cherryville

CHERRYVILLE, NC (WBTV) - A Fort Mill Police officer was arrested in Cherryville, NC, in early June on several charges including driving while impaired and drug possession.

Tanya Moore Ervin-Leonhardt was charged with driving while impaired, open container, reckless driving, drug possession and illegally carrying a gun, a concealed carry violation through the open container.

The incident happened around 8:45 p.m. on June 1. The officer was terminated June 3. Officials say Ervin-Leonhardt had been an officer in Fort Mill since 2002.

Officers say they got calls from at least two witnesses about a car that was driving recklessly, tailgating other vehicles, and swerving in an out of lanes. Police caught up with the car on Rudsill Street off of Dallas-Cherryville Highway.

Officials said the officer "could smell the odor of alcohol on [Ervin-Leonhardt]'s breath." According to Cherryille Police Chief Richard Jens, Ervin-Leonhardt refused a breathalyzer and said she was an off-duty Fort Mill police officer.

Before she was arrested, Jenks said, officers noticed an open container in the car.

Ervin-Leonhardt was taken to the Gaston County Jail and given a $25,000 secured bond on the charges. After a car inventory was taken, officers found 12 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia in her car.

Since she had already bonded out, warrants were served on Ervin-Leonhardt the next day and she was arrested on those charges but signed a written promise to appear since she had already bonded out.

Ervin-Leonhardt worked in the patrol division for the majority of her career but recently worked as a desk officer taking reports by phone. The Fort Mill Police Department says they refuse to tolerate unlawful conduct or inappropriate behavior by officers.

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