South Carolina candidate spends election eve passing out gun locks

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - On the eve of primary elections in South Carolina one candidate traveled across the state to pass out gun locks.

Jack Logan, a Greenville resident, is running for the District 25 seat in the South Carolina House of Representatives. He currently runs the Put Down the Guns Now Young People organization and aims to curb gun violence across the state.

While Logan could have been pushing for votes in his home district Monday night, he decided he was needed more in the town of Chester, South Carolina. Just one night prior, 14-year-old Jada Jones was shot and killed outside of a home on Pinckney Street in Chester.

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"In knowing that a young lady's life was taken, I've got to come here. I had to come here," Logan told WBTV Monday night.

It's unclear whether the guns used in Sunday night's shooting were legally purchased. Logan frequently passes out the locks as a safety precaution for gun owners.

"We love to pass out gun locks because we feel that every crime that's done with malice, if that gun had only been locked then that person would not have been the victim," said Logan.

He spoke with several community members Monday night, offering them a free lock and explaining why he was in the area. Everyone he spoke with had heard about the deadly shooting of Jada Jones.

"I mean that's somebody's child, no matter whether she's 14 or 30," said Barbara Wilson, a Chester resident.

Several of the neighbors said they were happy to accept the locks that Logan was handing out. While Logan is still worried about the outcome of the primary election Tuesday, he said politics won't deter his mission crackdown on gun violence.

"Even if (voters) want to keep the incumbent, (I'm) gonna keep on pounding the pavement and trying to prevent another tragedy like this one or any other person from getting hurt with a gun with malice."

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