Huntersville plastic surgeon accused of giving patients 'potentially dangerous' levels of anesthesia

Huntersville plastic surgeon accused of giving patients 'potentially dangerous' levels of anesthesia

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - A plastic surgeon in Huntersville has been reprimanded after the North Carolina Medical Board discovered he was reportedly administering anesthesia to patients in "potentially dangerous" dosages.

According to a consent order from the NC Medical Board, Briggs Edward Cook Jr. is a plastic surgeon who received his license to practice medicine in April 2001. Dr. Cook owns and is the medical director at Pure Facial Plastic Surgery & MedSpa in Huntersville, according to the company's website.

The order claims that Cook "provided care that was below standards of acceptable and prevailing medical practicing."

Cook is accused of failing to screen his patients for certain risk factors and failing to review past medical history, the board states. He also "failed to provide proper anesthesia" and reportedly administered anesthesia in dosages that were potentially dangerous, according to the board.

Dr. Cook performed cosmetic surgeries on all of his patients, according to the consent order.

In 2016, one of Cook's patients reportedly died following surgery. According to the consent order, Cook gave the patient three dosages of diazepam for three procedures that were all being performed on the same day in October 2015. "This dosing is dangerous and potentially fatal," the board stated.

The patient then came back to Dr. Cook in June 2016 for a revision surgery and was given more diazepam and ativan, records state. The dosing of the medications represented "toxic levels," officials claimed. The woman died following the revision surgery in Dr. Cook's office, according to the NC Medical Board.

The board determined that Dr. Cook's conduct was "unprofessional," so his license to practice medicine was reprimanded and he will not be able to perform or supervise any procedure that requires anesthesia resulting in sedation, according to the NC Medical Board.

He is only allowed to perform Level I procedures and can't perform any procedure Level II or greater in an office setting, the board states.

Dr. Cook reportedly waived his right to a hearing, officials say.

The NC Medical Board stated that Dr. Cook's license would be suspended or revoked if he failed to comply with any of the conditions.

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