Three arrested for attempted armed robbery in Cleveland County

Three arrested for attempted armed robbery in Cleveland County

CLEVELAND COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Three people were arrested for an attempted armed robbery in Cleveland County on Wednesday.

According to the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office, Rodney Crisp, 29, Jacob Hensley, 25 and Brittany Branch, 28, were charged with attempted robbery.

Deputies said they received a tip Wednesday that an unidentified person sent a text message to a tipster about wanting to sell them heroin.

It became clear that the seller had texted the wrong phone number, but investigators followed up by contacting the seller about the heroin.

Undercover investigators agreed to meet the seller near Fallston, to buy heroin and the seller agreed to drive from Morganton.

Three people arrived at the meeting place and the seller was identified.

Deputies arrested the people, but no heroin was recovered.

During the arrest, it was determined that the people planned to rob the investigator they believed to be the buyer.

Two fake, yet realistic-looking handguns, and several knives were found in the car the three people were in.

Crisp and Hensley received $50,000 secured bonds, while Branch received a $25,000 secured bond.

All three people had their first appearance in court on June 7, 2018.

"We constantly remind citizens of the very real dangers of using illegal narcotics. This is yet another reason not to use drugs. Had this been an actual user trying to buy heroin, they would have been robbed at gunpoint, and quite likely much worse," Cleveland County Sheriff Alan Norman said,

"The three arrestees are examples of desperate drug addicts doing whatever it takes, regardless of the consequences, to get their next high. Our investigators are great at what they do; they are even better when they get the help of concerned citizens with actionable information. That partnership is crucial."

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