Charlotte council member makes documentary after spending day with police

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte city council member Tariq Bokhari rode nine hours with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police in a squad car on May 18.

He sat down to talk with WBTV about his life-changing experience and why he turned it into a documentary called "Ten Eighteen: Officers Need Assistance."

"My hope is, it starts a new era in the dialogue of police support and police accountability," Bokhari said. "See what they go through. walk a mile in their shoes and see that we can do both."

In a time where there is tension between officers and the community they serve, Bokhari says he wants to "shift the conversation."

Besides the COPS-like feeling of patrolling a city at night, this documentary includes discussion and debate, between Bokhari and fellow Charlotte councilman Braxton Winston, who was front and center of the Charlotte Riots several years ago.

Bokhari says he wants to give perspective from the other side.

"We're so divided and my hope is this documentary shows one view that maybe starts a dialogue, getting us towards a more unified voice, discussion and solution to where we go next," Bokhari said.

He says he doesn't expect to change minds, but does want to get into the minds of those who don't always see 360 degrees.

"If you feel strongly enough to say I hate the police or I love the police. I think you owe it to yourself to get in a car with an officer. You owe it to yourself to get to know us. Policing is not going away," Officer John Koukopoulos said.

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