WBTV Speak Out Editorial: CIAA Success

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The numbers are in and they show the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association basketball tournament was a huge success in Charlotte.

This is the 13th year the C-I Double A held the popular event in the Queen City.

And it wasn't an unlucky year.

Not only did the tournament pump more than 50 million dollars into our local economy but it also helped pay wages for more than 400 people who were hired specifically for the tournament.

The numbers show more than 130 thousand people visited the city during tournament week - that's up from last year.

Also more fans in the stands this year looking at the games.

The CIAA is not only about basketball - but it's also about community events such as a job fair, education day middle and high school students, giving shoes to students in need, and handing out college scholarships.

This is good news, but will this good news come to an end.

Leaders will soon decide if the tournament should remain in Charlotte.

We hope the answer is yes.

Other cities would love to host this event.

We want Charlotte to do want needs to be done to keep CIAA here for years to come.

We know some people would like for the CIAA to leave but we believe the event is a positive thing for Charlotte.

And we can't think of any reason why Charlotte and the CIAA should ever split.

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