Several families in Gastonia face homelessness after Budget Inn closes for good

(Bria Bell | WBTV)
(Bria Bell | WBTV)

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Some families in Gastonia say they may officially become homeless because the motel they're staying at is closing for good. The property of Budget Inn has been sold to the city for a sports and entertainment area.

The clock is ticking for Gabrial Roscoe in the worst way. She's being forced out of her home at the Budget Inn with nowhere else to go.

Roscoe lives with her husband and three kids. She says credit checks and security deposits prevent her from renting out an apartment, so her family stays at the motel.

"You have people who want to charge out the ying-yang for you to move into a place and its hard," Roscoe said.

Financial problems seem fluid for the Roscoes, but they're not alone. Every 30 days she and her husband, plus many other families who've made a home at this motel face the same dilemma, there's always too much month left and not enough money.

"I've got three boys, car insurance, your cell phone bill if you have that and you got food," Roscoe said.

Finding resources for help has also become problematic. It's almost impossible to get into the Salvation Army right now according to Patricia Cox another mom who's also been put out.

"They're full, they have no rooms. Not even in the men's dorm, women's dorm, family room … none," says Cox.

These families are now desperately trying to find somewhere else to stay because if not, they'll end up on the streets. This is all comes after the city of Gastonia bought the property of the motel for a new development called FUSE.

The soon to be vacant motel rooms will turn into new residential, office and retail space plus a sports complex.

Some people are happy to hear the Budget Inn will be no more because the area has been riddled with crime for years such as prostitution, drugs, theft and shootings. And that doesn't sit well with Gabrial.

"I feel like no matter where you go, you're going to get crime. It doesn't matter where you go. I mean you could live in the best neighborhood possible and you're going to have crime," says Roscoe. 
Roscoe says it's God that's giving her strength to try and put one foot right in front of the other for the sake of her kids. She says despite everything, they'll always come first.

"You have to for the kids because you don't want them to see you upset or anything. So you just force a smile on your face and move on," Roscoe said.

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