CMPD: Multiple potential sex offenses reported at the Epicentre in 2018

CMPD: Multiple potential sex offenses reported at the Epicentre in 2018

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Police say multiple incidents involving potential sex offenses have been reported in 2018 at the Epicentre in Charlotte.

According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, there have been four incidents related to sex offenses reported at 210 East Trade Street.

One incident involved a reported rape and the three other incidents involved victims who believed they may have been drugged.

Another incident, that CMPD said was not reported as a sexual assault, involved a woman who believed she had been drugged at Rooftop 210 in May.

On May 12, a young woman was with some friends at Rooftop 210 when she got sick, believed she was drugged and reported the incident to CMPD a couple of weeks later, according to officials.

Police said an officer told the woman to take the report to the location where the incident happened instead of reporting it to the police department.

On Friday, CMPD officials said that the woman should not have been told this, and that it is never a requirement for a victim to go back to the scene where an incident occurred.

Police said the woman took to social media to get the word out about the inappropriate ways she believes she was treated by the officer.

Investigators said they reached out to the woman in order to assist her after she went to social media.

In a press briefing, police said that the woman was never reported to have been sexually assaulted in the incident. This statement was made to clear up incorrect reports about a sexual assault that had spread through social media.

Police stressed that all of these incidents did not take place at Rooftop 210.

There were four additional calls or reports of victims possibly being drugged, but they were either not related to sexual assault or did not have enough information to classify a report as such.

No further information was released.

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