Investigators near Boone start sifting through splintered home where two died

WATAUGA COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Federal, state, and local investigators began looking through the debris of a home on Heavenly Mountain on Thursday, trying to piece together exactly what happened when two died there.

Neighbors reported they heard a loud blast. One person called 911 and told the telecommunicator that "the house exploded."

When rescue crews arrived, they found evidence of a massive mudslide and a gas leak. The house was in splinters with very little left standing.

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"It is debris on top of debris," said Sheriff Len Hageman.

Investigators are trying to determine what happened and the order in which It happened. The Sheriff says the investigation will take some time because of how dangerous it is for people on the scene. They are hoping to know more about what happened in a few days, but it could be longer, he said.

Meanwhile, vehicles were seen loaded with flowers heading into the private development. One person stopped and said a private memorial was to be held Thursday afternoon.

The names of the victims have not been released.

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