'She's evil': Former girlfriend of mom accused of dumping baby's body opens up about the child's life

(Source: SC Law Enforcement Division)
(Source: SC Law Enforcement Division)

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - Nineteen-year-old Breanna Lewis is accused of dumping her 11-month-old baby's body in a plastic bag, a diaper box, and putting the diaper box in a wooded area of Chesterfield County.

Authorities say the morning of Harlee Lewis' death, Breanna took her girlfriend to work. Investigators say Lewis' current girlfriend has been cooperative and does not appear to know anything about the crime.

A former girlfriend of Breanna Lewis is opening up to WBTV about her life with the woman who is accused of dumping the baby's body.

Maci Hodges says she started dating Breanna Lewis in 2014. She says they broke up when Harlee was about 1 month old. When Harlee was first reported missing, Hodges says deputies interviewed her.

"I knew it wasn't true, and I told them it wasn't true," Hodges said about Harlee being kidnapped.

She claims her relationship with Breanna was emotionally and physically abusive, which is why she says she eventually got out of it.

"I was in that child's life, that child meant something to me," Hodges said. "It's not her fault, it wasn't her fault. She can't help that she was born into that situation."

Hodges says Breanna did the best she could to take care of Harlee, but often asked for help in getting diapers and clothes for the infant. Hodges has a baby of her own, not much older than Harlee.

She says she did not know if Lewis was abusive to Harlee, but says she was not surprised to learn something happened to the baby because of things that she claims happened to her animals under Lewis' watch.

"I really do believe she had something to do with this," Hodges said. "I mean, if you could hurt an innocent animal, then why couldn't you hurt an innocent baby?"

Sheriff Jay Brooks says they are trying to find out if Lewis has been diagnosed with a mental illness because her behavior has been erratic. Hodges says when the two were a couple, Lewis mentioned hearing voices in her head, but Hodges did not believe her.

"She's evil... how can you put a baby in a trash bag and then in a diaper box?" Hodges asked. "I want justice to be served. Because that baby did not deserve to die that way. There's so many people that want to have kids that can't. I could have had that baby."

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