'I'm going to die in these lashes.' Reporter's newest product testing video turns painfully dangerous

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - She's backkkkkkkk! Get ready for a lot of neck tapping, faces of pure terror and a lot of hair pulling in this latest product testing video by WBTV reporter Kristen Hampton!

She's back at it again with not one...but TWO products to test out for your viewing pleasure! This product testing will either having you laughing hysterically or will have you feeling uneasy over the amount of discomfort oozing from her face from beginning to end.

Kristen had previously gone viral on Facebook for product testing the "3 Second Brow" and the "Facial Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece."

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She also went viral for product testing the "Bonnet Dryer Attachment," which is a UFO-type of product that is simply "out of this world."

Now, she's trying out a whole new beauty product called the "NeckTITE Magic," which is designed to give you an instant neck lift for your "under-jowl" or as Kristen calls it - your "cavernous" neck.

"I think it's supposed to help with this line that makes it look like I've been grabbed by some fishing line across there," she says before testing the product.

And the neck tapping begins!

Kristen starts off by reading "lightly" skimming the instructions on the back of the packaging. "See that lady in the third picture...she has neck back cleavage...back neck cleavage. Look at that. It looks like a fanny on the back of her behind," she says.

Before testing the product, Kristen "assumes the position" by pushing her neck back to show viewers what she's trying to get rid of. "It's meaty and I've noticed as I get older, it gets more pronounced."

She then places the "bow-like" type of device on the back of her neck. Seconds later, a look of horror washes over Kristen's face and she says: "It doesn't look even better, it looks worse."

But hey! At least it also doubles as a type of hair remover! She then uses the product to pull off hair in her moustache-area after it pulled hair from the back of her neck. "Dual use...I love dual uses."

After a second failed attempt, Kristen decides to not follow the product's instructions. Instead, she makes the product work for her by placing three strips on the sides and back of her neck.

She then tries on a pair of magnetic lashes. "Mine are looking a little sparse lately, because I'm getting to be an old bat and I think as you get older your eye lashes fall off," Kristen says.

Now, you're in for a treat! The next few minutes contains several awkward faces that will make you question whether you should be laughing hysterically or feeling sorry for poor Kristen. As you'll see, she compares the lashes to "eye-ball prison."

Things then take a turn for the worst...the fake lashes get stuck to her real lashes!! "I'm trapped in these lashes," she screams. The look of terror then consumes her face as she tries for several minutes trying to figure out how to get the lashes off. "You know that anxiety when your trapped in something?And I'm trapped!"

Kristen begins to grab several handy dandy items in her "office" to try to tug the magnetic lashes from her eyeballs.

"They give you really nice instructions on how to put them on but not how to take them off," she says."My eyelashes are imprisoned inside these magnet lashes, so I'm being imprisonated inside of these magnetic eyelashes."

***Insert an anxiety attack and an array of uneasy faces. "Jesus, be an eyelash separator!" she cries.

After several minutes of frustration and a series of panic attacks, a viewer recommends that Kristen grabs a toothpick. Don't fret! Since she's in "her office," Kristen is prepared for anything and grabs a toothpick while laughing wickedly. "I don't need to be pretty! I just want these off."

"I'm literally shaking. I feel like I'm going to die in these lashes," she says. "I'm lucky to be alive."

FINALLY! Success! The toothpick worked!

As you'd imagine, Kristen ranks this product a 0 out 10! But we're not in the clear yet! One of the magnets gets stuck in her eyelash! "Use this at your own risk cause that was a real terrifying thing."

BUT WAIT, there's more! She's in for another hurdle...pulling off the "NeckTITE" product which is stuck to the hair on her neck. You can just feel the amount of pain she's in while trying to pull the jowl cincher from her neck.

"Think about the kids...think about the kids...think about the kids...think about the kids and the little old ladies," she cries.

Can you say ouch?!? According to the instructions, she needs warm water to get the product off but after one hard yank, the NeckTITE cincher comes off!

Well, lesson learned! Now we've all learned that Kristen does not read instructions very well!

She ends the video by reminding viewers to be comfortable in their own skin. "Don't go buying all these trashy products cause your just pretty the way you are."

Hopefully this latest product test reminds you to not try these things at home - - - just let Kristen do it for you!

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