Police: Driver plows into Cleveland County business, injures 7-year-old

BOILING SPRINGS, NC (WBTV) - A 7-year-old girl was injured after a driver plowed into a business in Cleveland County Wednesday afternoon.

According to the Boiling Springs Police Department, a driver plowed into the Dollar General on North Main Street in Boiling Springs around 4:15 p.m.

Police said the driver was making a right turn into the parking lot and then struck a curb. The driver then hit the gas, instead of slamming on the break, and drove in the store, officers say.

The child was entering the business at the time of the incident, police say. The girl received injuries, but is expected to be OK.

WBTV spoke with the child and her mother Thursday night.

"I was waiting at the door for my mama like we always do at the Dollar General," said 7-year-old Andrea Martinez.

Martinez' mother, Leeann Millwood, said they had stopped at the store to pick up some supplies for a church revival event. They never made it to church.

Martinez said she doesn't remember much about the incident, but does recall the moment the car was coming right towards her.

"It was like she pushed the gas and went straight forward and hit me," said Martinez.

The car smashed through the front of the store. Millwood said her daughter was screaming and asking if she was going to die.

"(It) knocked her up in the air and down on the floor inside of the store," explained Millwood.

She said a school nurse inside of the store was able to help her daughter. Paramedics came to the site and rushed Martinez to the hospital where she received staples for wounds in her head and stitches for cuts on her legs.

"Nobody knows how hard it is to see something like that happen," said Millwood.

The Dollar General was closed Thursday. Caution tape still surrounds the property and the front of the business has a new makeshift door.

The driver was not injured, officers say. Millwood thinks the driver should be facing charges.

"More should be done. My baby could have been dead and anybody else that was in the store could have been dead," said Millwood.

Police say they will consult the District Attorney to determine if the driver will face charges.

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