Carpenter's Cove residents watch as water level climbs

(Amanda Foster/WBTV)
(Amanda Foster/WBTV)
(Amanda Foster/WBTV)
(Amanda Foster/WBTV)

LOOKOUT SHOALS LAKE, NC (WBTV) - People who live along Carpenter's Cove at Lookout Shoals Lake are bracing for water to reach their homes.

"We accept this," Ruby Sipe says. "Doesn't mean we like it, but we accept it."

Sipe has lived along Lookout Shoals Lake with her husband since the 70s. They have seen the water rise like this before.

"Not quite as much as this time," she says. "But we haven't had quite as much rain in the mountains."

In the last week, Duke Energy says six inches of rain have fallen in the Catawba River basin. This forces the water to flow through lakes like the ones the Sipes live on.

"We've learned to live with it," Sipe says.

Chairs that were once on piers are nearly fully underwater. Chain-linked fences are also making their way under.

"It'll probably be up against our house before this is through," Sipe says.

People have been working together to bring big items forward, like one man's camper.

"If they need help, I'll go to them," neighbor Terry Edwards says. "If I need help, they'll come to me."

For these residents, all that is left to do is wait, and watch.

"And just hope that it will be controlled enough from the fellow that controls the switch in Charlotte, and the good Lord above, that he'll look after us," Sipe says.

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