Report: UNCC student legally intoxicated when she fell out of party bus and died

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - According to the Medical Examiner's office, the UNC Charlotte student who fell out of a party bus was legally intoxicated even though she wasn't old enough to drink alcohol.

Polly Rogers was 20 years old when police say she fell out of a party bus earlier in May. The toxicology report says Rogers had a blood-alcohol content of .19.

"Obviously we want to know who provided her with alcohol. That's what we're looking for because obviously she was under the age of 21. She should not have been in possession of alcohol and we want to find out who provided it for her," said Chief Michael Crowley of the Mecklenburg County ABC Board.

On May 1, police say Rogers was on a party bus that was heading to uptown when she fell out of an emergency window. She was then struck by two vehicles.

Several investigations are currently underway.

Police cited the bus company's owner for several violations.

UNC Charlotte says the university is currently investigating to see if there are any violations of the Code of Student Responsibility.

Kappa Sigma Fraternity at UNCC was suspended by its national organization amid the investigation.

Investigators with the Mecklenburg County ABC Board say they've interviewed between 25 and 30 students who were either on the party bus or knew Rogers to try to find out where she got the alcohol. Investigators say they've been retracing Rogers' steps that day.

"There was a place on campus where they met where they all got on the bus. We don't know yet at this point if she got it before she got to the house or the location where the bus picked them up," Chief Crowley said.

Crowley said it's critical that investigators get answers.

"Because she's under 21 – she couldn't legally possess the alcohol and she obviously had it in her system and we just think it's important to find out," Crowley said. "To let people know that if somebody is under the age of 21 don't give them alcohol – make them go somewhere else to get their alcohol if they're intent on getting it. Don't give it to them."

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