BLOG: Something has to change in the Coke 600

BLOG: Something has to change in the Coke 600

Coming off an exciting Monster Energy All Star Race, Sunday's Coke 600 was once again a drag and it's time to put some life in NASCAR's longest race of the year or just get rid of it.

I don't claim to be a big time gear head, but my eyes don't lie and what I saw on Sunday just was not exciting on the track... AT ALL!

Watching Kyle Busch take the field out behind the wood shed was interesting because no one and I do mean NO ONE had a shot at beating the #18.  Just like no one had a shot at beating Martin Truex Jr in the 2016 Coke 600 when he led 392 laps on his way to an easy win.

Kyle led 377 laps on Sunday and whenever he wasn't in front, he wasn't too far behind the leader.  The only drama of the night was, would something fluky happen to cost him the win because there was no doubt he was going to win after claiming the first 3 stages.

Because of my limited knowledge of racing, I decided to look at the numbers and compared the All Star Race to the Coke 600.  They say numbers don't lie so here we go.

The All Star Race had 12 lead changes among 7 drivers.  The Coke 600 had only 9 lead changes among 4 drivers.  Remember, the All Star Race is shorter than the 600.

Let's go a little deeper.  The All Star Race had 38 green flag passes for the lead and the Coke 600 had only 23.

Take a look at the number of quality passes and your mind will be blown.

Before I dive in, let me readjust the numbers first.

The All Star Race only has 21 cars in it.  So to even things out, I took the top 21 car from the Coke 600 in that category and here's how things shook out.

The All Star Race had 1,186 quality passes.  The top 21 cars in the quality passes category for the 600 equaled out to 1,133.  You read that right.  The  shorter race had more quality passes.  The All Star Race ended up being 93 laps (imagine that, 3 more laps because the drivers are mixing it up) compared to 400 for the 600 and it still had 53 more quality passes.

Let me add a little more perspective.  Kurt Busch only had 6 quality passes in the All Star Race because he spun out early and that event still had more than the 600.

Fans deserve better...  PERIOD!

Some may say you get more action in the All Star Race because it's not a points paying race and a million dollars goes to the winner.  I just don't buy that.  Stage racing and playoff points was suppose to take care of all that.  There is no way a race that is longer by 310 laps should have less action.

The new aero package for the All Star Race clearly delivered and now it is time to start using it on a regular basis here at Charlotte and not just in an exhibition race.  Bottom line, there should never be another Monster Energy NASCAR spring race at CMS without that package.  NEVER!

Just my opinion, but I doubt that I'm the only person who thinks this.  I'm the one who will say it though.

I'm actually excited about the Bank of America 500 in September and the introduction of the new Roval.  Not sure how exciting it is going to be, but I got a feeling it's going to be very interesting.  Some drivers are still a little skeptical about racing it, but I'm just fine with that fact.  See you in the fall.


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