5-year-old girl recovering after weekend dog attack in Mooresville

MOORESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - A 5-year-old in Mooresville is recovering after she was attacked by her family's pit bull Sunday.

Iredell County Animal Control is investigating the dog for the second time. They say he attacked another dog in the neighborhood on Thursday, and the family says they wish Animal Control had taken him away before it happened again.

Ten-year-old Jayden Davis says he was "frightened and shocked" when he heard his friend screaming. He ran across the street to see the pit bull biting her.

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"He was shaking her head, he had her hair caught in his mouth shaking it," neighbor Makhia Brooks said.

Davis ran back home and told his Dad to call 911.

"They told everybody to run in their houses so they could throw it off the porch and the dog ran over there," Davis said.

The little girl went to the hospital and the dog went to animal control.

Having the dog off the streets is a relief for the children who play in the neighborhood every day.

"It chased me and my friends one time around the neighborhood," Davis said. "We had to hop on the car to get away from it."

Parents told WBTV they're concerned to hear this happened twice in the matter of a few days.

"Just a tragic situation," Annika Burton said. "When you have little kids... you don't want anything to happen to your children."

Family members say the dog is about 2 years old. He will be with Animal Control for ten days until they decide whether he needs to be euthanized.

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