Crime Stoppers: Charlotte store robbed three times in four nights

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - There's been a spate of teenage crooks breaking into Charlotte store windows to steal merchandise.

Recently, one unlucky store was burglarized three times in four nights by the same young men.

To look at Ski Country on South Boulevard, you can't but help notice all the boarded up windows.

It's not because they're out of business, they're just running out of glass after break-ins on a Saturday, Sunday and a Tuesday.

In all three, video shows a rock flying through the window.

Through the broken glass goes three young men, ages estimated between 16-18-years-old.  One is shirtless.

"One suspect does not have shirt on, he has a shirt wrapped around his head covering his face up," said CMPD Detective Brandon Miller.

It's not a great disguise, but because the trio is so quick getting in and out, they don't spend much face time on the surveillance cams.

"Very quick, in and out in a matter of 20-30 seconds each time," Miller said.

But why would they steal snow ski apparel at the beginning of the summer?

"It's kind of hard to determine why they targeted this particular business so many times.  We know each time they did break in, they got items of very good value," Miller said.

It was very good value. At the first break in, they stole goggles, bags and backpacks valued at $1,800.  The next night, they took $800 in clothing.  But on the last night, a big score, $4,200 worth of winter jackets.

"A lot of times these people feel they get away with one, so they come back, try to get a little more, do it again, it's happening far too often," Miller said.

And it's where this store is located that could provide a clue to catching the three teens; It's across South Boulevard from the Scaleybark light rail station.

"It's very possible they used the light rail to get away.  Once they leave the business, they run straight for South Boulevard," Miller said

Detective Miller says there are crooks who memorize bus and train schedules and sync their crimes around those times.

You can bet police will be checking cameras on the light rail or the nearby bus stop.

Reward money is available for a good tip to Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.  Help us take a bite out of crime.

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