Blasting Zone warning signs near Park Road Park: What do they mean?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you've driven along Park Road near the intersection of Tyvola Road within the last month you may have noticed bright orange warning signs, or maybe you haven't.

The signs are posted in four different directions near the intersection of Park Road and Tyvola Road, but still people blow right by them every day.

If you haven't noticed them, they say things like "Blasting Zone Ahead" and "Turn Off 2-Way Radio and Cellphone."

So what's being blasted? And is it really necessary to turn your cellphone off for the couple hundred feet the zone stretches?

WBTV looked for answers.

According to the City of Charlotte's Corporate Communications Office, the Blasting Zone is related to the Park Road Park Glenkirk wastewater pipe replacement project. According to the city website, it is an $8.8 million project that is expected to last a year.

The exact location of construction is beside the Little Sugar Creek tributary between Piedmont Row Drive and Archdale Road. The sewer line serves homes and businesses in the SouthPark area. The new pipe will sit three feet deeper than the bottom of the creek and it will be about 24-30 inches in diameter, instead of 10 inches. The objective is to reduce the risk of wastewater overflows.

The project includes underground rock blasting to install the pipe. The city says residents in the area will hear a horn prior to the blasting. According to the city, traffic on Park Road will be held temporarily when blasting takes place, but it will only happen on an as-needed basis.

According to Charlotte Water Spokesperson Cam Coley, there won't be any immediate reaction if you leave your cellphone on.

"It's just a safety precaution because of the construction activity we're doing there, but if people forget that's okay."

Coley says there will be enough of a distraction with the blasts going on, let alone cellphones disrupting drivers too.

When blasts happen, drivers may feel a vibration or hear something like thunder. Turning your phone off isn't mandatory, but may Coley says it's better to be safe than sorry.

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