BLOG: That's a wrap from the NFL Spring Meetings

BLOG: That's a wrap from the NFL Spring Meetings

It was a historic spring meeting for the NFL down in Atlanta for a bunch of reasons.

From a Carolina Panthers stand point, May 22, 2018 might have been the 2nd most important day in the franchise's history.  Besides the day Jerry Richardson was awarded the Panthers, David Tepper becoming the 2nd owner is right up there.

That would be different had the Panthers either won Super Bowl 38 or 50.

League wide, some rules changes will definitely be felt in 2018.

Players can now be ejected for helmet to helmet hits.

All ejections including punches thrown must be reviewed to make sure officials get it right.

Kickoffs have a bunch of new tweaks to try to make the play safer but also bring more excitement to the game.

Not to mention, the league's new policy on the National Anthem which could create more of stink eventually if the players and the union don't like the way it was passed by the owner without discussion.

Arizona will now host Super Bowl 57, New Orleans will host Super Bowl 58, and Nashville will host the 2019 NFL Draft.

A lot got done in 2 days and now comes the business of continued OTAs, then mini camps, and finally, the start of NFL training camps.

Football can't get here fast enough.

Time to hit the road back to Charlotte.


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