Dallas Cowboys owners talks sale of Panthers

Dallas Cowboys owners talks sale of Panthers

ATLANTA, GA (WBTV) - The owner of the Dallas Cowboys addressed the media after the approval of the sale of the Carolina Panthers discussing both David Tepper and former Panthers owner, Jerry Richardson.

Even though Richardson avoided the cameras on Tuesday, Jerry Jones said Richardson presented Tepper to the owners and talked about his memories of his time while being an owner.

"He had a great recap of the time for him and what it meant to him to be a part of the NFL. It made us realize how important the game is," said Jones. "Men like Jerry helped build the league. He gave it his all."

When asked about the allegations against Richardson, Jones would not say much.

"I won't speak to the allegations about anybody. I don't know firsthand about those allegations," said Jones.

Tepper was asked how he would change the workplace environment within the organization. Tepper said he would not address the Richardson allegations, but did speak about how he will run the organization.

"I am a person that believes in equality for everybody, including men and women," said Tepper.

Jones said he is excited about Tepper taking over the Panthers.

"Fabulous to have a guy of his qualifications and his makeup. I want to take advantage of his freshness. I want the league to benefit from his fresh look at things," said Jones.

Jones says having an investment from men like Tepper is a good thing for the league.

"To be able to attract excellent capital to come in and continue to build the game is a sign of health for the sport. We look at it as an excellent asset," said Jones.

The sale of the team will become final in July.

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