BLOG: 3 take aways from David Tepper's first press conference as the new Carolina Panthers owner

BLOG: 3 take aways from David Tepper's first press conference as the new Carolina Panthers owner

With David Tepper now the owner of the Carolina Panthers, let the many questions begin about the future of the team.

His press conference shed a little light on his immediate plan and at first glance, it should be a positive one for fans.

Here are 3 take aways from Tuesday's press conference.

This is the Carolina Panthers and will be the Carolina Panthers

One of the very first questions asked of the new owner was, did he have any plans on moving the team and what about a new stadium.

Tepper didn't answer about the stadium but didn't mince words about moving the team.

"There is a logical place for this team and it is Charlotte," said Tepper.  "And that means this team has to have some sort of presence in the Carolinas.  It's going to be the Carolina Panthers."

Can't get any simpler than that.

Don't look for any changes ON THE FOOTBALL SIDE of things for the Panthers

While Tepper didn't address changes on the business side of things for the Carolina Panthers, he did talk about his new team on the field and he likes what he now owns.

"There's a great team down there now," said Tepper.  "Sometimes it's better to do nothing than to do something."

Tepper is a smart football man because the Panthers have been to the post season 4 of the last 5 years including an 11-5 season in 2017.

Head coach Ron Rivera is signed all the way to 2020.  Cam Newton is also signed until 2020.  Panthers general manager Marty Hurney just got his full time status back in February so it looks like the band will stay together... at least for the 2018 season.

Tepper does not take over the team until July which is right near training camp.  A little late in the game to make changes so another sign that things will remain status quo for the Carolina Panthers.

All he wants is WINS

Tepper comes to the Panthers after spending 9 years as a minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  That is a franchise that has won and has won a lot.  They have 6 Super Bowl titles to prove their status as a great franchise in the NFL.

Tepper wants to bring that winning attitude to Charlotte as well.

"The first thing I care about is winning.  The second thing I care about is winning.  And the third thing I care about is ______," said Tepper as media members filled in the blank with winning.

"That's on and off the field," said the new owner of the Panthers.  "That includes the charity aspect, community aspect, and how you make the community better.  So you win a lot of ways."

David Tepper has certainly struck a cord with Panthers fans with Tuesday's presser along with his commencement speech on Sunday at Carnegie Mellon.  So far in my opinion, it looks like a homerun for Keep Pounding Nation.


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