'It's something from Mars.' Reporter tests out 'otherworldly' hair device in latest product testing

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Armed with wet hair and a towel wrapped around her head, WBTV reporter Kristen Hampton is back at it again with another product testing video and it surely is "out of this world."

Kristen had previously gone viral on Facebook for product testing the "3 Second Brow" and the "Facial Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece."

She's back it again and this time she's checking out a whole new beauty product called the "Bonnet Dryer Attachment," which is designed to be a handheld hair dryer.

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The packaging says the product is easy to use, lightweight, convenient for traveling, large "bouffant" size, fits all hair dryers, great for styling and setting with rods to rollers.

"Look a there. Look how happy that girl is and beautiful - by the way," Hampton said in regards to the model on the product's packaging. "She's gorgeous. I mean she knows it because she bought this Bonnet Dryer Attachment for $9.99 - probably from Amazon - just like I did."

This product test is similar to her others in regards to her shooting the video in her usual setting - her car (which is also known as her "office"). Her goal is to show viewers how to be beautiful with voluminous hair just like the model on the product's wrapper.

In the video, Kristen said she parked outside the Old Store Produce in Huntersville. She says the business allowed her to plug in an extension cord, which then allowed her to then plug in her blow dryer from the comfort of her "office."

She reassures viewers that she's prepared in case things take a turn for the worst.

"In the interest of openness, there's a fire station...I can literally see it outside my back window," she said. "So if worse comes to worst and my hair catches on fire, we gonna be OK."

Before testing the product, it appears Kristen begins to question her decision after reading the company's statement that's located on the back of the packaging. The wrapper said: "Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with this transaction. If for any reason this is not the case, we would appreciate it if you would give us a chance to address your concerns before leaving feedback by contacting us directly."

"This makes me think perhaps we have some shenanigans ahead because why are they trying to get people to contact them directly?" Kristen asked.

Sit back, relax and grab some popcorn because you're in for a treat! The rest of the product testing will be sure to have you on the edge of your seat, resulting in you laughing hysterically.

Kristen prepares to tackle her messy, damp locks with the help of her blow dryer and the "Bonnet Dryer Attachment." The product looks like it's something you'd see in a post-apocalyptic film or a movie about UFOs.

Remember the "Beauty School Drop Out" scene in the musical "Grease?" Kristen would fit right in!

The product doesn't come with instructions but Kristen "easily" slides it on her blow dryer, pulls her hair into the contraption and then tightens the "safety straps" around her chin. "Safety first," she says. "I guess this is for you...you know if you don't have time to dry your hair like normal people do, you just put this on and then you're just good to go."

She closes her eyes and says a quick prayer before jumping head first into the product testing. Kristen complains about the heat not too long after turning the device on. "It's getting hot but I'm not on fire," she says. "In no time flat, I'm going to be beautiful - just like this sassy thing right here" (in reference to the model's picture).

After a few minutes of the product being turned on, Kristen continues to complain about the product making her head warm.

But there's a silver lining! The product causes an "unattended side effect," Kristen says. Not only does the product promise gorgeous hair but it also provides an eye lift, according to Kristen.  "Look at my face! I look 20 years younger. Not only am I going to have beautiful hair, but I'm also going to have a beautiful and very young face which they didn't even say it on the box. I would of paid $10 even more for that."

It's not the first time Kristen has tried to tackle her eyes in a Facebook Live. She tried Art Harding's Instant Face And Neck Lift while wearing her now-famous "3 Second Brow" in July.

Kristen says the product is perfect for those busy mamas who are always on the go. "You can dry your hair on the way to work cause when you're busy and you got the kids in the back seat and they're just being a mess and you didn't have time to do anything...you know just plug this bad boy in."

After nearly six minutes, Kristen turns the product off and finds - in her amazement - bouncy hair. "Well it's not dry, but I am sure luscious." She then puts the product back on her head so it can try to dry her hair a little longer.

Kristen then invites a stranger - named Ray - to join her on Facebook Live. "Don't be scared," she says. When she asked him what he thought of the product, he responded by saying: "It's something from Mars."

Spoiler alert! The product did not dry her hair but we got to admit - she still rocks it!

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