Man charged with plowing into restaurant, killing two family members, remains in jail

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Roger Self will remain in the Gaston County jail for now with no bond.

A Gaston County judge declined to set a bond for Self, who has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

"We would ask that the hold be in place," District Attorney Locke Bell told the Judge. "If the court is to consider a bond  - we would ask $5 million."

When the judge asked Self is he wanted to say anything on his behalf regarding bond, Self declined the offer.

Investigators say Self was at a table with other family members at the Surf and Turf Lodge in Bessemer City on Sunday when he got up and left the table. Police say the next time Self appeared - he was driving his vehicle through the front of the restaurant.

Self's daughter, Katelyn - who was a Gaston County Sheriff's Deputy - died.

Self's daughter-in-law, Amanda, who was a registered nurse at CaroMont Regional Medical Center and the assistant manager of the Emergency Department, also died.

Police say Self's son Josh - Amanda's husband and a Gaston County Police Officer - was injured and is recovering. The couple's teenage daughter was injured.

Self's wife is still in the hospital because of her injuries in the crash.

Investigators say there's surveillance video from inside the restaurant.

"Information and evidence gathered from a preliminary standpoint, at this point, indicates that it is abundantly clear that this was not an accident," said Rob Tufano, a spokesperson for the Bessemer City Police Department. "This was something that Mr. Self had intentionally done."

Police say they're still looking for answers to why it happened.

"We're putting this puzzle together one step at a time," Bessemer City Police Chief Tom Ellis said. "And we've done that at this point to bring the initial charges. We'll be working further to make sure we put this together."

During his court appearance Monday afternoon, Self asked the judge to appoint an attorney to represent him.

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