Women's Charlotte Rugby Club headed to national championship

Women's Charlotte Rugby Club headed to national championship

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The women's Charlotte Rugby Club is headed to the National Championship after defeating Providence 19-15.

Charlotte was leading in the 80th minute 14-12 when they conceded a penalty on their 22, which allowed Providence to go for points. Providence would miss their penalty kick, but the referee would call it back and allow them to re-kick. This time they would make the shot, allowing them to take the lead 15-14.

"No time left. I thought we were down by one. I was confident that we could continue our forward progression with ball in hand, and opted to have our team finish the game as we started," Madeline Clark, Charlotte's fly-half and conversion/penalty kicker explained on her decision to play the team.

In extra time, Charlotte's Amanda Watkins would score a try putting Charlotte up 19-15 securing the win.

"As I was touching the ball down, I started screaming out of excitement for what was happening and because those final moments of play were team moments, not individual," Watkins said.

"Seeing our name and our crest underneath the 'USA National Championship' bracket, gave me chills. Words cannot express how proud and honored I am to be apart of this team, but more importantly, this family. The grit, the tenacity, the stamina, and the heart you all displayed so fiercely, is humbling and undeniably one of the greatest moments of my life. I have so much love for each and every one of you guys and cannot wait to continue our journey in Colorado," Liz Ravaioli said.

They will face the St. Louis Sabres in Glendale, Colorado June 2 in the National Championship game.

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