"It's just so normal now." Charlotte teen activist reacts to TX school shooting

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Less than two months ago, hundreds of local students and community members gathered in First Ward Park, to protest gun violence in schools after 17 people were killed at one in Parkland.

Now, after another similar shooting in Texas, the teens are considering what to do next.

"My gut turned," teen activist Maddie Syfert says. "I was hoping Parkland would never happen again."

"Never again." It is the phrase printed on a bracelet Syfert still wears.

It is also the cry behind the "March for Our Lives" she and other high-schoolers planned in Charlotte in March.

"Seeing that it did happen again, I was just heartbroken," she says.

"Heartbroken," and disappointed Friday, as all too familiar images, this time from Santa Fe, flooded screens.

"Even after the march and all the controversy for it, all that, things got brought up, and nothing changed," she says.

Graduating soon, the teen fears for the future inside school walls.

"It's just like, how many more are we going to see now," she says.

In Santa Fe, young survivor Paige Curry is shaken, but not shocked.

"It's been happening everywhere," she says. "I felt, I've always kind of felt like eventually it was going to happen here, too."

Syfert says that is the feeling of many of today's teens.

"I can see, I was like yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if it happened somewhere in Charlotte," she says. "It's just so normal now."

Though Syfert is graduating Myers Park High in a few weeks, she says today's events have motivated her and other students to consider starting a new activism club at school before they leave.

They're also planning an event to remember those killed Friday in Santa Fe.

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