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VIDEO: Man slides down Epicentre canopy, slams into parked car, lands in jail

Freudenberg (Mecklenburg County Jail) Freudenberg (Mecklenburg County Jail)
(Photo courtesy DJ Chewy via Instagram) (Photo courtesy DJ Chewy via Instagram)

A man is facing charges after officials say he slid down a canopy at the Epicentre in uptown Charlotte, damaging a person's car sitting below when he slammed into the windshield.

The incident happened around 2:30 a.m. Friday on the 100 block of S. College Street. Charlotte personality DJ Chewy of 92.7 the Block caught the very end of the dangerous stunt and posted the video on Instagram.

The video shows the man, identified by CMPD as 26-year-old Alex William Freudenberg, launch off the end of the canopy, landing on his back on a white sedan before sliding off the car into the street as cars drive by.

Freudenberg then gets up and appears to celebrate the awkward impact.

DJ Chewy told WBTV that the incident happened so fast he wasn't able to get the beginning on camera. The aftermath, however, wasn't as easy to miss.

The windshield of the white sedan was smashed by Freudenberg's not-so-graceful landing.

Freudenberg was arrested and charged with injury to personal property. He was taken to jail and given a $500 bond.

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