New Carolina Panthers owner not the only thing on the NFL owners agenda

NFL spring meeting

(WBTV) - From a Carolinas stand point, the NFL Spring meeting is all about new Panthers owner David Tepper, but the other owners have a few more things to iron out on Tuesday and Wednesday as the 2018 season approaches.

Among the other issues the owners will address during the meetings includes a possible new kickoff.

Some of the points in the new NFL kickoff include a rule that five men have to be on each side of the ball.

The current rule states that at least four men have to be on each side of the ball.  The new rule would be felt most on onside kicks.

Another key point in the new kickoff rule is that every man on the kickoff team other than the kicker can only be one yard off the line of scrimmage.

The current rule states they can be at least five yards off the ball.  This is to slow down that running start that most kickoff teams get.

There are no more two-man wedges and if the ball is not touched by the receiving team and it hits the ground in the end zone, it is automatically a dead ball and the play is over.

The owners will also talk about a new ejection rule for hits that are deemed to be unnecessary.

Under the new rule, if an official calls a hit unnecessary, they can go review it and eject a player as well as penalize the team.

Currently it is just a penalty and a fine later in the week for the player.  College football currently has this replay and ejection system in place.

These new rules would be put in place to try to make the game safer and hopefully cut back on concussions.

The owners will also decide the location of the next two NFL Drafts in 2019 and 2020.  The cities in the running include Nashville, Denver, Las Vegas, Cleveland, and Kansas City.

And of course, the owners will decide who will be the new owner of the Carolina Panthers.  The last man standing appears to be David Tepper and we could get the official vote sometime on Tuesday.

All of these issues still need to be voted on by the owners during this NFL Spring Meeting.

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