BLOG: First Alert Day...what's it all about?

BLOG: First Alert Day...what's it all about?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - WBTV has been around for a long time, in fact, we'll celebrate 69 years together this summer.

In the early days, terrific personalities, like the legendary "Cloudy" Clyde McLean presented the weather.

As times changed and the forecast had more of an impact on our viewer's lives, WBTV hired its first two meteorologists and we're still here to this day.

Combined, Eric Thomas and I have been forecasting weather in this region for more than 50 years.  Leigh Brock, Chris Larson and Lyndsey Tapases round out the team and bring a wealth of scientific knowledge to the mix.

No other station in the market has more experience than ours.

Much like the weather itself, the technology that supports our forecasts has evolved over time. That allows us to provide you a more accurate and timely forecast and warn you about severe, or even just plain old disruptive weather, days in advance.

That brings me to WBTV's First Alert Weather Days. By now, you've probably heard of them.

Eric did a great job of explaining them here. You can read his blog here.

I wanted to talk about them, too, because they're important.

As he mentioned, they're absolutely not publicity stunts.That's not what we do.

First Alert Days are our way of providing you ADVANCE NOTICE when we see disruptive weather coming.

All First Alert Days are not created equal. We're doing our best to direct your attention to anything from weather that cancels your outdoor plans to storms that could have devastating and even tragic impacts on our community.

We're very careful to explain the difference.

But, we get it.

Some local weather teams can get a little too excited and overhype the forecast.  We do our best to stick to the facts and earn your trust one forecast at a time.  We'll tell you what we know, and just as importantly, what we may not know about an unfolding weather situation.

WBTV First Alert Weather makes that promise to you.  We want to be the first to alert you when changes in the weather could affect you.  We'll always be transparent with you about why we're taking the forecast in a certain direction.

WBTV's weather team understands the critical importance of accurate and timely local weather information.

You can trust that we're always looking forward and using our experience, technology and every communication strategy we can think of to make sure you're as prepared as possible for whatever comes our way.

Stay weather prepared with updates specific for your location by downloading the WBTV First Alert Weather app.

- Meteorologist Al Conklin

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