Top Bloods gang members sat on trial for two weeks in Charlotte. All were found guilty.

CHARLOTTE, NC (Jane Wester/Charlotte Observer) - The third verdict in the trial of three top Bloods gang leaders Thursday was barely audible.

Cynthia Gilmore's daughter started crying as soon as her mother was found guilty.

U.S. marshals sent her out of the courtroom, and her wails echoed down the marble lobby of Charlotte's federal courthouse, where Gilmore has been on trial for two weeks alongside gang leaders James Baxton and Pedro Gutierrez.

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All three were found guilty of racketeering conspiracy Thursday, nearly a full day after the jury began deliberating.

Gutierrez is said to be the gang's highest officer, chairing the council of the United Blood Nation from inside the walls of the New York state prison where he's lived since 1993. Prosecutors said Baxton was one of his top associates in prison and Gilmore was key to the gang's communication and operations outside prison.

Gilmore was arrested along with 82 other alleged Bloods members in May 2017. Dozens have plead guilty, but Gilmore turned down an offer of a guilty plea to stand trial.

PREVIOUS: Apparent threat prompts protection of Charlotte judges, city attorney

Her daughter came to Charlotte to support her mother in court, putting her head down to pray during the hours-long wait for a verdict.

Gilmore, Gutierrez and Baxton will be sentenced at a later date.