Rally teachers back home

Teachers who rallied in Raleigh for better pay are back home tonight.  We're asking if their message got through to those who dole out the dollars.  We're also talking to one teacher who stayed home to grade papers.  You'll hear her reason for skipping the trip.

Financier David Tepper is the next owner of the Carolina Panthers.  Tepper finalized the plans by paying $2.2 Billion in cash.  Tonight, our Delano Little talks with a former Panthers star about what to expect from the new owner.

An inmate attack in Burke County leaves three Correctional Officers with broken fingers and bite wounds.  Sources tell us they were injured trying to break up a gang fight at Foothills Correctional.

Two young women waiting on an Uber ride in uptown, have their pocketbooks stolen by violent purse snatchers.  But the story doesn't end there.  My Crime Stoppers investigation shows how police are on the trail of one of the crooks who used a stolen credit card.

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