Former Panthers player weighs in on David Tepper

Former Panthers player weighs in on David Tepper
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - WBTV caught up with former Panthers wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad Wednesday to ask him his thoughts on the ownership possibilities for hedge fund manager David Tepper who's bid has been accepted by Jerry Richardson who is selling the Panthers amid workplace misconduct allegations.

Muhsin played for the Panthers and the Chicago Bears so he has insight to different owners and just how their approaches to running a team can be so far apart.

He said when he first started playing for Jerry Richardson most of the players liked him because he was a locker room guy who took interest in his team 
and would give them rides in his golf cart.

Muhsin said it's important for the players to feel a connection with their owner.

When he was in Chicago it felt like it was run more like a business and ownership was rarely seen but you can't argue with their long term success.

In his thoughts on Tepper, Muhsin feels he'll be an engaged owner tied in to what's going on not only with the team but the city as well.

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