Union County women stuff snack bags for teachers headed to Raleigh

. - With just a few hours until buses filled with teachers head to Raleigh for the teachers rally a group of Union County women and some children show their support.

"Thank you, teachers," 10-year-old Danny Gonzalez writes on several cards.

He joins a group of women, all doing the same.

"The majority of our group is moms with kids in Union County," Rachel Morey says.

The cards join oranges, granola bars, juice and other snacks, all bagged and boxed by the group "United Women for Change."

"We all want the best for our kids," Morey says. "The kids are our future, they're going to be our doctors someday, our lawyers, our engineers, our plumbers…it's really important for them to have the best education."

They are hoping that "best education" will result from Wednesday's rally.

They want things like better funding.

"For teachers, for classrooms," Morey says.

And they want to see better staffing in Union County schools.

"Psychologists in every school, nurses, teacher's aides," she adds.

More than 100 of the county's teachers will board the buses just hours from this group's busy bagging.

As a young student, Gonzalez says he is hopeful the trip will mean his teacher will not tell them she is buying classroom items herself anymore.

"Whatever you guys need for the project, I'll buy at Target," he recalls her saying.

"It's a lot I think, for teachers to take on," Morey says.

The buses for Union County teachers will leave from Stonecrest Shopping Center at 6 a.m. Wednesday.

More than 1,000 teachers from that school district alone are expected to make the trip to Raleigh.

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