Parents prepare for day where kids will be out of class ahead of teachers heading to Raleigh

UNION COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Across the state of North Carolina parents will be making childcare arrangements for their children Tuesday night. Several districts will be closed to students Wednesday as teachers head to the General Assembly in Raleigh to rally for better working conditions and better pay.

Jamie Nader, a Union County mother of four girls, plans to take the day off to take care of her kids. Three of Nader's four children attend Sun Valley Elementary School in Monroe. The school will be closed to students Wednesday. Nader says she didn't realize the school would be closed until late last week.

"At first I was a little caught off-guard because I was like 'oh wait I was scheduled to work that day' and now we have an impromptu day where the kids are going to be home from school," said Nader.

Nader says she was relatively uninformed about the rally until she heard school had been canceled.

"I think if anything, it brought awareness to our family and hopefully it brought awareness to other families what our teachers are standing for," said Nader.

Nader works part-time and says she will be able to take Wednesday off to take care of her children. She knows some other parents will be faced with a tough situation.

"A lot of us are working parents and it may not be the most convenient thing for us to have our kids home from school at the last minute, but I think it's something we should rally behind if our teachers are rallying for something that's gonna in the long run affect our children for the better," said Nader.

While adjusting her work schedule may be an inconvenience, Nader thinks the benefit of teacher's going to Raleigh could be well-worth the day of canceled classes.

However, not everyone sees it that way. Republican Representative Mark Brody of the North Carolina House of Representatives recently called the teachers attending the rally an inconvenience to parents.

"What are the kids gonna do? Are they gonna sit home by themselves? We'll never really know this. Parents have spent probably a lot of money finding babysitters," said Brody in an interview Monday night.

Nader said she was an education student at one point and wanted to teach pre-school. She feels she understands the plight of the teachers.

"I have to get behind them if they're behind my kids," said Nader.

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