BLOG: Can the Charlotte Hornets finally catch a break in the NBA Draft Lottery?

BLOG: Can the Charlotte Hornets finally catch a break in the NBA Draft Lottery?

The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight right before game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals and once again the question has to be asked, will the Charlotte Hornets finally catch a break and move up via the lottery?

It is highly unlikely.

Because the Hornets had a final record of 36-46, they are slotted to pick number 11 as of now.

Their chances to get the number 1 pick are .8 percent... not even 1 percent.  Can you say HIGHLY UNLIKELY!

They have a better chance to move inside the top 3 but once again, it's highly unlikely.  Their chances of getting the number 2 or 3 pick is 2.9 percent.  At least it is over 1 percent so there is a reason to be optimistic, but it's HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

They are slotted to pick #11 but there is a chance they could even go back to #12 if the Los Angeles Clippers or Denver Nuggets hit the lottery and move up into the top 3.  If this happens, I may chuck my remote at my TV.

With the Hornets cap situation being what it is, they don't have much money to go out and sign a big free agent to change the fortune of this team.  So they could use a top 3 draft pick and there is some big time talent that could come in and help this team right away with the right coaching.

New head coach James Borrego preached player development in his introductory presser last Friday and a nice young piece would be great to go along with Malik Monk and Dwayne Bacon.

How about Arizona center Deandre Ayton in a Hornets uniform?

How about a scoring machine out of Slovenia in guard Luka Doncic?

What about the ultra athletic, double double getting Marvin Bagley out of Duke?

All would instantly come in and help this Hornets team, but they won't be there at 11.

So here's to the NBA Draft Lottery finally being good to the franchise and the city.  Heck, they still owe Charlotte for the year they didn't get All Star Anthony Davis after going 7-59.  Where is the payback?

Maybe it will be tonight, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.  I still say HIGHLY UNLIKELY, but that small chance is enough to make me watch tonight at 7:30.


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