Town of Hudson wants chemicals left behind by closed company removed

Town of Hudson wants chemicals left behind by closed company removed

HUDSON, NC (WBTV) - The Town of Hudson is asking a property owner to remove more than a million gallons of waste water and chemicals left behind when a tenant went bankrupt and left the material behind.

The location along Highway 321 is known as the Anderson property with several people involved in the ownership. A company that leased a building and part of the property, Dafco Incorporated, went under a year ago. NC Department of Commerce data show it was a company involved in filtration systems. The phone number listed is apparently now disconnected.

Officials estimate as many as 10,000 containers called totes were left behind. Each can hold 270 gallons of liquid. Some of the plastic containers have become brittle and a few are leaking.

When the town discovered the business had closed but the containers remained, state environmental officials and the Environmental Protection Agency were notified. Some tests have been performed and the liquid in most containers are a mix of water and white glue.

"Essentially waste water and non-toxic," says Town Manager Rebecca Bentley.

Still the white glue mixture could cause issues if it made its way into a stream or sewer system. A few containers tested positive for hazardous waste, though officials could not pinpoint exactly what the material is.

Fire officials say it does not appear to be flammable. Bentley says the property owners have been put on notice to remove all the waste water and chemicals. EPA gave some guidance, she says, about what should be done at the property in the meantime. She said the property owners have hired a local firm to build berms and take other precautions to keep any of the waste water or chemicals from leaking off the property.

Gary Sparks of STAT, the company handling the containment procedures, said he does not believe people nearby are in danger.

"They should not be worried," he said.

Officials say cleaning up the site will be expensive. The town hopes to have the matter resolved this summer.

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