Father, son save disabled man from burning car just in time

ROWAN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Shawn Ramsay and his son Draven were heading to a Mother's Day dinner in the Town of Cleveland when they noticed a car that seemed to be spitting fire from its gas tank.

"We were looking at it, and at first we thought, oh he's got the flame-thrower exhaust," Shawn said.

But the 70s model Cadillac was actually on fire. The Ramsay's were able to flag the car down, but as soon as it stopped the flames consumed the entire back end of the car.

Shawn and his 16-year-old son didn't think twice about helping.

"The woman who was driving said there was a man inside," Shawn said.

The elderly man inside was disabled and unable to get out of the car on his own. As soon as the Ramsay's opened the passenger-side door, they were greeted with thick black smoke and intense heat from the flames that were almost to the front seat.

"About that time the tires were starting to pop and the flames were coming up to the front," Shawn said.

The quick-thinking duo was able to free the man from his seatbelt and pull him from the car, just before it burst into flames and was fully engulfed.

The two didn't stop to think at the time they could be endangering their own lives. According to the younger Ramsay, the only thing they were worried about was saving the man inside.

"There's someone in there that needs our help and no one else will be able to get to him but us," he said.

Several fire departments showed up to put the flames out. The man inside the car went to the hospital but is alive - all thanks to two men who cared enough to help.

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