High school softball team forced to choose between prom and championship game

LANCASTER, SC (WBTV) - Go to prom or play softball? That's one tough decision several girls on the Buford High's softball team are cornered into making as prom and a championship game are on the same night.

"To a high school girl prom is a very big deal," said Karen Dingler, the mom to two softball players.

That special dance is something many girls grow up dreaming about.

"Winning a championship is also something that you will remember for the rest of your life," Dingler added.

For an athlete, the goal is always to be number one. Unfortunately for Dingler's two daughters and some of the other girls on the softball team, they're having to choose which special event they'll go to Friday night.

"No way they could do both."

It all started after a storm rolled through on Thursday and caused the game to be pushed back to Friday – prom night. The South Carolina High School League oversees all scheduling for sports and will not be adjusting the match-up between Buford and Ludford High.

A rep for the league told WBTV they never look at rescheduling any games just because it conflicts with another school function.

This has not only broken a team, but also their hearts. Five girls will be going to prom as their teammates will be out on the field playing. Dingler says even her own home will be torn on Friday night.

"My husband and I are having to split up. He's going to the game to watch our youngest daughter play and I'm going to do the prom stuff with my oldest daughter," she said.

If the team chose to not go at all, the district would have faced a fine of $1,000.

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