Mint Hill woman recounts home invasion, 'that was just torture'

MINT HILL, NC (WBTV) - When a 70-year-old Mint Hill woman woke up early Thursday morning she says she thought she was dreaming.

"I was in bed asleep," she said. "And when I saw that man standing there, I thought this is a nightmare. This is a dream. This is not real. My son was afraid I was gonna get up screaming and hollering."

The woman, who doesn't want her identity revealed, said it started while her son was working in the yard on Wilgrove-Mint Hill Road around 4 a.m. Thursday.

"Some guys came up, put a gun to his head, hit him in his head," she said. "He {her son} said he was gonna the grab the gun and he looked and there was two more guys behind with him with guns so they took him in the house tied him up, put him on the den floor on his stomach and tore the house up looking for guns, jewelry, money."

The woman says she was down the hall in her bedroom and didn't realize what had happened.

"I woke up and there was a guy standing in front of my TV looking at me. Where's your guns? Don't have any guns. Where's your money? Don't have any money. Where's your pills? I said I got cholesterol medicine and allergy medicine and if you want it you're welcomed to it."

The 70-year-old says two of the men walked her down the hallway, told her to put on her shoes, and took her to her car.

"One guy drive my car. Somebody sat me behind me. Put me in the car, went down to the bank, got out the maximum $1,000," she said. "I did the first transaction. It was $500 and then the guy in the back seat took my card and did the other transaction and then it said that was all you can get."

She said the men drove her back to the house.

While she wasn't physically hurt, her 48-year-old son was.

"They hit him on the back with a belt. They put a knife to his throat. They put a gun to his head and clicked it. They sprayed raid on his face. So that was just torture," she said.

"It's horrible. You realize how precious life is when you come so close. They could have killed him while we were at the bank. They could have killed me while we were away. He couldn't try to get away because he was worried about me and I wasn't gonna try to run because I didn't know what they would do to him."

The woman said when the two suspects brought her home, all three left in a car they had apparently driven to the house.

"I just couldn't believe it. It's still hard to believe," she said. "You just don't think about anything like this happening but evidently it started in Union County."

The mother and son called police as soon as the suspects left. They say the men took jewelry, money, and an iPad.

Mint Hill police say they're waiting for surveillance video from the bank where the suspects took the woman.

Mint Hill officers are asking people to call police if they have any information about the case or hear anyone bragging.

"We want to apprehend them as soon as possible. They're very dangerous people" said Mint Hill Detective Errol Wedra.

Police believe the suspects in the Mint Hill home invasion are the same people wanted for home invasions earlier this week in Union County.

"We believe they're linked. It seems to be random," Detective Wedra said, adding that police are concerned the men are escalating the violence. "Maybe hurt somebody even worse next time they do this."

While investigators try to find the suspects, they have some advice for everyone about the suspects.

"Listen to whatever they're saying. If they're armed, listen to them. Give them whatever they want. Try to stay calm try to get a good description of them while they're committing act," Detective Wedra said. "If they catch you off guard like that, you want to get out of it with your life."

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