More than 100 unmarked graves found in Blowing Rock Cemetery

BLOWING ROCK, NC (WBTV) - Andrew Critcher always wondered about the old cemetery across from Bethel Reformed Church in Blowing Rock near the property his family takes care of.

He already documented the graves behind the church but it wasn't until last week that he looked into the other graveyard across the street. He knew it dated to the 1700's, long before the church was built. He also wondered if there were unmarked graves.

Last week he brought in experts with ground penetrating radar hoping to pinpoint any of them.

"I thought there would be ten to fifteen," he said.

He was wrong- 104 unmarked graves were located.

"I was shocked," he said.

Small flags were used to mark each one. Now he wants to find out who those people were. Already he has been able to determine that at least three revolutionary soldiers are buried there.

He is asking folks to look into old family bibles and talk to relatives about stories that may have been passed down. The graveyard in question was once called the Town Cemetery and later, the Elrod/Greene Cemetery.

It is along Goforth Road behind Blowing Rock Country Club. The road, he believes, was once a wagon trail. Anyone with information can call him, he says. 828-964-3388.

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