Kurt Busch visits Camp LeJeune as part of Charlotte Motor Speedway's "Mission 600"

(Ashley Stroehlein | WBTV)
(Ashley Stroehlein | WBTV)
(Ashley Stroehlein | WBTV)
(Ashley Stroehlein | WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The May races at Charlotte Motor Speedway are about more than just cars on the track, they're about honoring those that serve our country. The speedway has implemented "Mission 600", which educates current drivers on the military. This week Kurt Busch visited Camp LeJeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina to experience a day in the life of a RECON Marine.

"I'm ready for it you know when Charlotte Motor Speedway asked me I said no problem. I'd love to salute the troops and say thanks," Busch said.

The day was full of experiences for Busch. He participated in a virtual reality suspended parachute drop, a live sniper rifle shoot and riding a rubberized water combat craft.

"It was pretty wild. This is closest to the experience you are ever going to get. I definitely felt like a rookie today in many areas, but just to have their safety, comfort, and guidance that's what it's about," Busch said.

He also experienced lunch MRE style.

"My marine buddies were like don't eat the food, and here we are," Busch joked.

His meal was chili mac and cheese and skittles.

"This ain't so bad," Busch said.

Despite all the fun that Busch had, he never lost sight of what the experience was really about.

"I think the common line of today is what we go through on the race track and what our military go through out on the battlefield there are some similarities, but I think most importantly it's the respect and for all of us as US citizens it's a thank you," Busch said.

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