BLOG: Is it too early for 90 degree heat?

BLOG: Is it too early for 90 degree heat?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The past two months featured more rain than warm weather – both March and April were above normal in the rain department and below average in regards to temperatures.

So, May is off to a very warm and rather dry start.

That has a lot of my Facebook followers @AlConklinWBTV complaining about missing out on a traditional spring – one where we more or less ease into hot weather by Memorial Day.  No, it seems as if we are marching straight into summer with a real risk of Charlotte experiencing a heat wave (three or more consecutive days of 90 degrees+) starting on Friday.

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While afternoon readings between Friday through Monday will near 90 degrees, if not a little bit above, record-challenging heat seems unlikely.  The records are in the middle 90s, above what I'm forecasting over the Mother's Day weekend.

That said, I was asked recently on Twitter @AlConklin just how far ahead of schedule is the forecast of 90 degrees?

Oddly enough, not really all that far.

While looking over the past 30 years worth of data, the average first 90 degree day in Charlotte occurs right around May 19.  So, the reality is - given my forecast - we're running just a little more than a week ahead of schedule.

And if you're wondering, the earliest Charlotte has ever recorded a 90 degree day was Saint Patrick's Day - March 17, 1945 -  and the latest that threshold has been reached was actually after Independence Day - July 8, 2003. It was a summer that turned out to be rather wet – 24 inches of rain - and cool, with only 9 days of 90 degrees or better, which is the second lowest total on record for the Queen City.

- Meteorologist Al Conklin

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