Amid investigation Jason Reid falls to Don Brown in Catawba County sheriff’s race

CATAWBA COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Catawba County will soon have a new sheriff.

Don Brown, the current police chief in the town of Newton, defeated challenger Jason Reid in what turned out to be a one-sided election.

Brown secured 69 percent of the vote Tuesday night in the primary elections. Brown will be the next sheriff in Catawba County as there are no Democratic candidates running against him.

Jason Reid had hoped to succeed his owner father, Catawba County Sheriff Coy Reid, in becoming the county's top law enforcement officer.

The younger Reid has been under investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation regarding allegations that he stalked an ex-girlfriend. Jason Reid held a press conference Monday where he referred to the allegations as a "political attack".

Brown said he saw Reid's press conference, but didn't want to comment on what was said.

"I did see it and I would rather not make a comment on it," Brown told WBTV in an interview following his victory Tuesday night.

Brown said he was surprised to see the lopsided results when the first ballots started to roll in.

"I was really shocked when the early voting numbers came in. It was very much a pleasant surprise. I never would have imagined that there would have been that much of a difference," said Brown.

He said he hopes to bring the county together after somewhat of a divisive election.

"I think we all vowed at the last debate that we would support whichever candidate won the primary and I want to bring everybody back together," said Brown.

"Everybody can support a candidate, but whenever you get down to the end, we gotta all pull together because we're one community and we gotta be together."

Jason Reid said he would give WBTV a statement following Tuesday's loss, but minutes later a Reid supporter then told WBTV that Reid had changed his mind and had "no comment".

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