LimeBike rolls out shareable scooters in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - There are hundreds of bikes that are shared roaming around Charlotte. Now, there will be dozens of scooters that can be shared as well.

LimeBike, the bike-sharing company, has 500 bikes that are shared in the Queen City.

Tuesday, it rolled out a trial period of a new ride-sharing device, scooters.

"We've seen a lot of people with nice suits on and nice clothes and being able to ride it, because it gets you to work very easily, if you don't want to be sweaty," Regional General Manager of LimeBike Sidney McLaurin said.

The Lime-S is a battery-operated scooter that allows riders to travel about 20 miles a trip. Just like the traditional LimeBikes, a rider can find the nearest Lime-S by downloading the LimeBike app.

Once the rider finds a scooter, the bar code on the handlebars of the scooter is scanned through the app and then the ride can begin. When the rider gets to his or her destination, the ride must be ended on the app and then their bank card is charged.

There has been some criticism over sharable bikes cluttering the streets of Charlotte since there is no dock the bikes must be parked at. Lime-S are also dockless, but unlike the bikes, the scooters are deployed each morning and then rounded up each night.

"Number one, it's a safety reason," McLaurin said. "We don't want anyone being tempted to ride at night."

There are only about 50 to 100 Lime-S scooters in the Charlotte area as LimeBike tests the new option out. Many who use the bike-sharing say they might try out the scooters too.

"It's all depending on the price, it's just all about the price," Bike-sharing customer Alexsha Vechito said. "If the price is right, I would love it, then I don't have to pedal."

A LimeBike spokesperson says the scooters are $1 to start, then 15 cents for every minute a person rides. That is compared to $1 for every half hour a person rides a traditional LimeBike.

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