Search warrants unsealed in Jason Reid investigation

NEWTON, NC (WBTV) - Two search warrants have been made public in the investigation of Jason Reid, the former Catawba County Sheriff's Office captain who is currently running for sheriff and is the son of current Catawba County Sheriff Coy Reid.

The warrants were executed on the Catawba County Sheriff's Office by agents with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation on April 19 as part of an investigation to allegations that Jason Reid used a GPS tracking device to stalk a woman who he had previously dated.

In an exclusive interview with WBTV, the woman said she found the device on her car after Reid sent her multiple text messages detailing her location and, once, a picture message of her car.

Document: Read the search warrants 

The warrants were sealed by a judge in Catawba County the day they were executed upon a verbal request of a personal attorney for Sheriff Reid.

When a WBTV reporter sought a reason for the sealing, which is required to be public record by law, a judge issued an additional order further sealing any documents related to the warrants.

The warrants' sealing was challenged by a group of six media outlets, including WBTV, during a court hearing on Thursday.

Sheriff Reid has scheduled and cancelled multiple interviews with WBTV since the warrants were executed. Jason Reid his not responded to multiple requests for comment in relation to this case.

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