Skimmers located in Hickory add to recent uptick in device findings

Skimmers located in Hickory add to recent uptick in device findings

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - More skimmers were found in Catawba County this week.

Skimmers were found Wednesday on two gas pumps at the Citgo Fuel Center in the 3300 block of Hwy 70 SE in Hickory. The incident follows a recent rash of skimmers that were spotted in the county.

A skimmer was found on an ATM off Highway 70 Southwest in Hickory last month.

Skimmers have also been located at an ATM in Newton in February and at a gas station in Maiden in April.

We were first to report the recent skimmer rash. Authorities say smaller towns seem to be targeted because it's easier to install the skimmers on older pumps and ATMs.

Police advise consumers to take the following steps to protect their financial information each time they utilize debit or credit cards at gas pumps:

  • Look for a secured seal over the main pump panel. If seal indicates a “void” marking, the machine may have been compromised.
  • Look at the card reader – does it match the other pumps? If there are differences a skimmer may be attached.
  • Run your debit card as a credit card at the pump to protect your PIN number, or pay inside the store.
  • Monitor financial accounts regularly for unauthorized activity.

Anyone who locates a skimmer is asked to call local law enforcement of the Hickory Police Department at 828-261-2687.

Click here for additional information on skimmers.

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