The 'force' is strong for Star Wars' fans in this NC town

GROVER, NC (WBTV) - If you're a Star Wars fan, you know that Friday is a special day!

It's May know, "May the 4th be with you!" It's a takeoff on a key theme that runs through the Star Wars movies: "May the force be with you.

We found the "force" is quite strong in the town of Grover in Cleveland County. Named in honor of President Grover Cleveland, you probably wouldn't associate the town of Grover with anything Star Wars related.

So, then imagine one of Star Wars' greatest heroes and one of its greatest villains in the quiet residential area of town.

Two streets in Grover have been named after Star Wars characters - Yoda Drive and Darth Maul Drive.

Dawn Gilliam works at the town's post office and says she's never had anyone come in to ask about where the streets are but says customers have asked for Star Wars stamps.

Rachel Williams has lived on Yoda Drive for nearly 12 years. She wasn't exactly familiar with the Star Wars franchise but said she's happy to live on Yoda Drive.

Travis Odoms, who also lives on Yoda Drive, says he gets a lot of response from folks when they see his address on letters or look at his ID.  However, he says he's not a Star Wars fan and he doesn't even watch Star Wars!

Matt Panther lives on Darth Maul Drive and says he's a big Star Wars fan. He says Darth Maul is his favorite character. When asked if he's ever seen Storm Troopers or Rebel Forces out his way, he replied with a no but said that he wished he could!

So how did it happen that two streets in Grover were named after Star Wars characters?  No one seemed to know for sure, but one theory is the neighborhood developer was a Star Wars fan.

Justin Gregory with the Bethlehem Fire Department had a tongue-in-cheek response when he was asked if he knew where the names came from.  "We're in Cleveland County. That answers enough," he said.

There is also an interesting note about Gilliam, who works at the postal office, said she has another connection to the beloved franchise.

"Probably about seven years ago, I was contacted via Facebook, Facebook messenger, and it was the producer of Star Wars, and she and I share the same name!" Gilliam said.

That's right, we checked, and sure enough the other Dawn Gilliam is a Hollywood script supervisor and worked on a Star Wars movie.

Who would have ever thought there were so many Star Wars connections in Grover?

Of course, the next time you're in Grover, you probably won't see Imperial Storm Troopers or Rebel Forces, but just in case, you better have your light saber with you!

May the 4th be with you!

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